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All the downloads available elsewhere on the website are collected together here in their various formats - I hope that there's something that will entertain you.

Let me know on the email if you hit any problems with the files, and we'll see if we can fix them.

Audiobooks File type Size
The Defector:      
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Part 1 Download audiobook m4a 104MB
Part 2 Download audiobook m4a 80.4MB
Part 3 Download Audiobook m4a 91MB
Part 4 Download Audiobook m4a 89.6MB
Part 5 Download Audiobook m4a 82.4MB
The Wrecking Crew PDF PDF 151KB
The Defector PDF PDF 356KB
GPS Satellite System is a Dream Come True PDF PDF 1.5MB
My Auckland PDF PDF 1MB
Out of Deep Water PDF PDF 2.5MB
A Rising Tide PDF PDF 5MB
On the Road with The Wrecking Crew PDF PDF 1MB
The Billion Dollar Race PDF PDF 7MB

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The Defector