Powder Burn

Powder Burn

If Dragon Tattoo’s Mikael Blomkvist and the Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen could have a love-child, she’d probably be a lot like Sam Blackett...

Sam had given up her Manhattan job, and her cute apartment in Brooklyn. She’d abandoned her astonished boyfriend to the charms of ESPN, and flown off into a new dawn to chase her dream of becoming a famous writer.

Three months later, alone in a soulless internet café, she’s facing some cold, hard facts; she’s unpublished, unhappy and broke. And right then, the gorgeous Pete Halland blows into her life – headed for the mythical Powder Burn mountain to write history and blast into legend.

If she throws in her lot with Pete and reports the story for National Geographic magazine it could rescue her ambitions, but he’s holding back some startling information – the question for Sam is... what?

Soon, Sam is up to her neck in snow and the weather is the least of her problems; lost in a secretive Himalayan kingdom with an - apparently - magic sword and a simmering and potentially bloody revolution. The father she lost to the war in Iraq was a marine though, and he taught her a few tricks in the Vermont backcountry that might just get her out alive.

Powder Burn is the first of a new series featuring Sam Blackett.

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Powder Burn  (Burn with Sam Blackett, #1)


'Highly recommended... unique read'

'Nail-biting action, a twisting plot and a fiesty heroine, Powder Burn is a page-turning thriller that is almost impossible to put down.  The first in a new series, I'm not sure how Chisnell is going to top this one! Highly recommend!'
Minding Spot

'Chisnell is a favorite of mine and Powder Burn delivers his usual well-researched, fascinating, and fast-packed thriller novel.'
Nina Sankovitch, readallday.com

'A great start to the series.'
Big Al's Books and Pals 

Writing Powder Burn

This is the book that had the longest journey to publication. It started with an idea I had on the way to a holiday in the mountains... what if a group of snowboarders went on an expedition to make a video about a first descent of a spectacular almost-mythical run... and ran into trouble? To start with I had no idea who these people were, or what sort of trouble that might be... neo-Nazi survivalist's in the Rocky Mountains was one early idea!

And then I hit on the character of Sam Blackett and things started to become clearer, particularly after I realised that if I set the book in Tibet I could use my experiences hitch-hiking up to Everest Base Camp. The book was moved to the Himalayas and although Tibet became Shibde - because I just couldn't make the plot work with the real-life Dalai Lama - Powder Burn was on its way.

The first draft took no time to write, and was more 'adventure chic-lit' or 'romantic suspense' than thriller, but it was eagerly picked up by the William Morris literary agency, who soon sold the film rights to Working Title. Unfortunately, they were less successful with the publishing rights, not least because the agent handling them suffered a personal crisis during the critical part of the sales process. It was as a result of this that I parted company with William Morris, and Powder Burn languished as I moved onto other things.

By the time the eBook revolution was in full swing almost a decade later, it was clear that I could now publish the book myself, but my ideas about it had changed. I knew that I wanted to write thrillers and Powder Burn wasn't quite there... so I did one more rewrite to sharpen the character of Sam Blackett and give the plot a bit more pace, and a couple of extra twists. And here it is...

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